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Public Relations

Public Relations/Public Affairs

Unlike the majority of the marketing mix, public relations doesn't come across as self-serving. Rather, a properly executed PR play will communicate your marketing message from an informational standpoint.

Online Press Releases "in Plain English"

Besides instantly creating hundreds of channels for traffic to make it to your site, you have also increased your site's search engine ranking. Most search engines look at the number of websites that link to yours as a way of gauging credibility and expertise. With even a single release, hundreds of websites would link to your business website.

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  • Our marketing services are comprehensive, but what sets Griffin Concepts apart is how we combine effective strategies with innovative tactics and technology.

    "The only thing worst than being talked about, is not being talked about."

    Oscar Wilde had it right. Marketing simply can't stand on its own without a PR component. After all, there's no such think as bad publicity; just bad PR.