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Outdoor Advertising

Ambient/Outdoor Advertising

When you've gone online, mastered off-line and taken your turn on the event floor, it's time to think about going "out-of-home."

"Out-of-Home" marketing, including billboards, out-of-home sponsorship, and alternative media, will communicate your message to a geographically targeted, and often captive audience.

Sometimes referred to as outdoor advertising, Out-of-Home marketing essentially includes any type of advertising that reaches your audience away from their homes or offices.

At Griffin Concepts, we see a lot more to it than that. That's why we categorize it as a totally different sector of our marketing service offering. After all, what works on a beer coozie doesn't necessarily translate to a 48-foot billboard, right?

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  1. Billboard Design
  2. Promotional Collateral Production
  3. Alternative Outdoor Media


There's few places you can go and not see a billboard, poster or blimp. Out-of-home advertising can lend your marketing mix the added reach it needs to succeed.


It should be noted that Out-of-Home marketing is best suited to a marketing plan with a heavy emphasis on the audience's geographic location. If you could care less where your customers are located, out-of-home might not be the ideal medium for you.

Out-Of-Home Formats

There are many, many formats for out-of-home advertising. Here's a few examples, but don't let them fence-in your creativity. Anything's possible when you think out-of-home, out-of-the-box.

Why Out-of-Home?

It's never been easier to change the channel, turn the page, and shred the envelope. (Good) out-of-home advertising aims to successfully capture your target audience in a way that's big, impactful and with a low (relatively) cost-per-impression.