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Direct Marketing

Direct Promotion & Relationship Marketing

Direct Marketing is the workhorse of the marketing mix. It lacks the glamour or prestige of some other activities, but it's direct marketing's targeted, trackable and creative aspects that makes this workhorse the star of the show.

Because marketing direct to the prospect can be a superb, measurable and targeted strategy, it is also a common strategy. That is, there exists an incredible amount of clutter to contend with.

The key to success with direct marketing is a combination of innovative tactics to cut through the clutter and utilizing emerging technology to personalize the communication and precisely measure the response and follow-up for your next direct mail campaign.

Griffin Concepts has loads of experience with this. From dimensional mailers to post cards and dynamic printing to customer relationship management, Griffin Concepts has the expertise, the technology and the partnerships to make it happen; on time and on budget.

Griffin Concept's Direct Marketing Service Menu

  • Creative Design
  • Direct Mail Production
  • Email Development and Broadcast
  • Alternative Direct Marketing Media
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • List Management
  • Campaign Tracking and Analysis
  • Our marketing services are comprehensive, but what sets Griffin Concepts apart is how we combine effective strategies with technology and industry best practices.

    Direct Mail Marketing

    Whether the campaign is direct mail, email or flyers, it's the success of the campaign centers on the right priorities. And it's the order of priority that makes all the difference.


    Most important part of any direct mail campaign is the list. This is the "direct" in direct marketing. If you're sending your message directly to the wrong audience, what's the point. Don't just buy a list of zip codes if your business is not regionally-focused. Don't purchase a list at all at first; rent one. We are generally weary of list brokers. Consider purchasing/renting a portion of a publication or event list. These lists are usually opt-in.

    The list is the single most important part of any direct marketing activity. Don't even begin to think about possible promotions or creative design until you've locked down your list. Even the world's best offer and creative will fail if it's sent to all the wrong people.


    Once you've nailed down the list, the next step is developing a relevant, aggressive incentive or offer for taking some action. "Call today" is neither incentive-based nor much of a call-to-action. Ask yourself, "why should they call today?" It's human to act on something with incentive.


    Traditionally, people think about list, offer, creative in exactly the opposite order. However this is certain failure. Creative should speak to a specific audience, promoting a relevant and action-provoking offer. That's it. Non-traditional print sizes; attention getting design or headlines are also great, but don't let yourself get carried away with the creative. Remember the creative flows directly from list and the offer.

    Target Audience Personality Type

    Ever see an ad that is just beautiful but you don't get it? Here the advertisers have spent more time on production than on researching their audience. After all, what good is a pretty mouse trap if there's no room for the mouse?

    Demographics, psychographics and the like are the traditional way of understanding the campaign's target audience. Griffin Concepts uses a more evolved approach. We're after more than age, sex, race and geographic location. We need to know our audience:

  • Coffee or Tea?
  • Boxers or Briefs?
  • Facebook or Google+?
  • Chevy or Ford?
  • Early Riser or Night Owl?
  • Young at Heart or Old Soul?
  • Once you know your audience's fears and aspirations you can develop advertising tailored to those audience personality types. Think "everyone" is a potential customer? Think again and niche thyself.

    Let's Get Down to Brass Tacks

    Griffin Concepts has a flexible and scalable business model. To best suit our client's goals and budget, Griffin Concepts offers custom projects, short-term campaign or service packages and retainer-based engagement structures.